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Judges' Declaration of Economic Interest Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 68

Supreme Court Rule 68

Please view the Instructions below and the Administrative Order to Supreme Court Rule 68 prior to using the above form.  The form is not to be retyped, scanned or the wording altered in any way. 

PDF Document Instructions for completing the form

There are two options for completing and submitting the Declaration of Economic Interest Statement ("Statement") form: Digital Signature and Wet-Ink Signature. Both forms are PDF fillable documents which may be completed using a computer or mobile device. Both options require an email address. Upon filing by the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Illinois, a receipt will be emailed to you.

The Digital Signature form uses Adobe's EchoSign technology. After completing the form, inserting your name (i.e. electronic signature), email address, date and clicking the "sign here" button, you will receive an email to verify your electronic signature. Once your signature has been verified, a copy of the e-signed Statement is electronically submitted to the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Illinois for filing and a completed copy of the e-signed Statement is emailed to you for your records. Please see step by step instructions for completing the Digital Signature form. (click here)

The Wet-Ink Signature form may be printed and completed or may be completed online, saved and printed. After signing the Statement, it should be mailed to the address listed below. Upon filing, a receipt will be emailed to you by the Clerk's office.

Supreme Court Clerk's Office
Supreme Court Building
200 E. Capitol
Springfield, IL 62701

Digital Signature (email required)
Fillable Form (email required)

Please be advised, there is a six (6) hour time frame for completing the digital signiture Declaration of Economic Interest. At the end of 6 hours, the session will disconnect and information entered will not be saved.