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Administrative Office Divisions - Judicial Education

(312) 793-3250 (Chicago Office)

Cyrana Mott, Assistant Director

The Judicial Education Division identifies, coordinates, designs and develops judicial education curricula and resources for the benefit of Illinois judges and those that aid the court in the administration of justice. The Division, on behalf of the Supreme Court of Illinois, has collaborated with the Illinois Judicial College and Supreme Court Committees and Commissions on the development of continuing education programs and resources, including, but not limited to the Committee on Judicial Education, Special Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Justice and Mental Health Planning, Judicial Mentor Committee, Appellate Court Administrative Committee, Access to Justice Commission and the Committee on Equality.

The Committee and Commission collaborations support the planning and delivery of the Supreme Court’s mandatory continuing education programs for Illinois judges - New Judge Seminar and Education Conference. Each newly elected or appointed judge is required to attend New Judge Seminar. All Illinois judges, regardless of tenure or assignment, are required to attend the biennial Education Conference and must attain a minimum of thirty hours of continued education credits. New judges are also required to participate in a new judge mentoring program. The Judicial Education Division manages the New Judge Mentoring Program in coordination with the Judicial Mentor Committee. The New Judge Mentoring program pairs new associate and circuit judges with an experienced judge for a period of one year during the first year of transition to the bench.

The Division coordinates annual benchbook updates, publication and distribution. The Benchbook Project is a collaborative effort of the Illinois Judicial College Committee on Judicial Education and the Judicial Education Division of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. Active and retired Illinois judges and law professors serve as authors, topic editors and peer reviewers. The Benchbook Project series includes: Civil Law and Procedure; Criminal Law and Procedure; DUI/Traffic; Domestic Violence; Evidence; Family Law and Procedure; Juvenile Law Benchbooks; Mortgage Foreclosure and the Illinois Manual on Complex Civil Litigation and the Illinois Manual on Complex Criminal Litigation.