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Benchcard and information card on courtroom interpreting

Judicial benchcard on courtroom interpreting
Court personnel and clerks interpreter information card

Multilingual signage and information

COVID-19 signage in English and Spanish
I Speak card
Notice of interpreter services in top six languages
Notice of Interpreter services in 35 languages
Summary of language access services in English, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese

Multilingual forms

E-filing waiver in Spanish
E-filing flyer in Spanish
Jury Waiver in top six languages
Continuance form in 27 languages

For all translated Supreme Court standardized forms, see our Forms page.


IL maps illustrating resources by county

Language Assistance Services by County - print resources and services

Language Assistance Services by County - human resources

Self-Study Resources for Interpreters

To assist with self-study, here are some resources from the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and other states around the country with interpreter certification programs, in addition to other study tools, bilingual resources and related links.

NCSC Resource Guide for Court Interpreters

The Interpreter's Gym

A reference guide to American English idioms

AOIC 2014 Interpreter Certification suggested resources

Consecutive interpreting exercises

Simultaneous interpreting exercise

Sight translation exercises

Local and online training programs

Below is a list of universities, colleges, organizations, and online resources that offer training for interpreters. Please note that the AOIC does not endorse any entity listed here, and if you wish to attend one of these programs to satisfy the skill building requirement, please contact Sophia Akbar at for pre-approval. Please also note that some of these programs are not specific to legal interpretation.

    Local In-Person Training

    Legal Court Interpreting Training
   Waubonsee Interpreter Training
   Triton College Spanish Language Interpretation Certificate
   Triton College Polish Language Interpretation Certificate
   College of Lake County Interpretation Training
   University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign-Interpreting Master's Program
   College of DuPage Interpreting Program
   Columbia College in Chicago American Sign Language Interpreting Program
   Southwestern Illinois College Sign Language Studies
   Language Access Resource Center (interpreting and translating training resources and
   courses located in Lombard, Illinois)
   World Languages Associate in Arts available at select City Colleges of Chicago (Harold
   Washington, Harry Truman, Kennedy-King, Malcom X, Olive-Harvey, Richard J. Daley,
   and Wilbur Wright)

    Online Training

   Interpreter Education Online
   University of Arizona Institute of Interpreting
   University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign-Interpreting Master's Program
   Auburn University Online Interpreting Training
   UCLA Online Spanish/English Interpreter Certificate Program
   Des Moines Area Community College Online Interpreting Certificate Program
   University of Southern California Online Training - for Certified and Non-Certified
   University of Massachusetts at Amherst Online Courses & Certificate Program
   New Mexico Judiciary Online Interpretation Training Classes
   University of Minnesota Interpreting Certificate Program
   William Woods University Online Bachelor of Science in ASL-English interpretations studies
   Spartanburg Community College Online Interpreting Program
   Seneca College Online Language Interpreter Training Program
   De La Mora Interpreter Training
   Triton Online Professional Interpreter Courses
   Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI) - online webinars

   Other Training Related Programs & Offerings

   ACEBO (training products)
   National Center for State Courts interpreting training tools, resources, and information
   Interpreter Training Resources

Legal Glossaries

Below are legal glossaries from various state courts within the National Center for State Courts' Council of Language Access Coordinators.

2014 Regional Meetings on Language Access

Throughout the month of January, the AOIC hosted six regional meetings across the state to engage judges, court personnel, interpreters, legal advocates, and other interested stakeholders on language access issues.

The meetings occurred in Peoria, Springfield, Champaign, Sycamore, Chicago, and Mt. Vernon. Attendees discussed challenges in addressing language access in Illinois circuit courts. The presentation provided an overview of our legal ob ligations to provide meaningful language access to limited English proficient persons, and reviewed implementation solutions for the Language Access Plans.

The power point slides presented during the meetings are available here.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions from the meetings  is available here.