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 Applicant may be required to submit additional materials and/or complete job specific tests for the position.

POSITION: Appellate Court Law Clerk PDF form Job Vacancy Announcement
DIVISION: 1st District Appellate Court - Chicago  
BENEFITS: An attractive judicial branch benefits package is offered, including pension, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, as well as deferred compensation and generous leave time.  
SALARY: $87,745  

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES:  The judicial law clerk will perform legal research, analysis and writing and will review and assist in drafting of judicial opinions, orders and other legal documents.


  •  Conducts legal research and prepares memoranda of law providing legal and procedural advise.
  • Assists in drafting opinions, orders and other memoranda.
  • Edits and cite-checks final draft orders, opinions, dissents or special concurrences
  • Advises the Justice on research of court rules and points of law on pending legal cases.
  • Researches law regarding issues addressed by parties or the court.
  • Reads and examines case law; determines relevant cases to be read; verifies the jurisdiction of the court.
  • Assists the Justice in preparation for an educational conference or speaking engagement.
  • Reads petitions for rehearing on assigned cases as needed, researches as requested by Judge.
  • Studies current legal publications, recent opinions of the Illinois Supreme and Appellate Courts and other relevant state and federal cases; interprets new statutes according to legislative intent and reviews recent legislation.
  • Assists the Justice in his/her committee work.
  • May supervise the work of law school externs.
  • Drafts case review summaries and questions in connection with oral argument preparation.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Working knowledge of, and ability to apply, federal and state laws and court decisions to pending legal cases.
  2. Working knowledge of, and ability to apply, court procedures and rules of evidence.
  3. Skill in providing legal research and preparing memorandum of law providing legal and procedural advice.
  4. Skill in analyzing legal issues and writing persuasively.
  5. Skill in applying legal principles and specialized knowledge to individual cases and problems.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively.
  7. Ability to apprise the Justice of new statutes and recent legislation changes.
  8. Associates with employees and the public in a pleasant, courteous and helpful manner.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:  To qualify for this position, the applicant must have graduated from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association, and have a minimum of one year of appellate practice experience as an appellate court clerk or attorney at a private firm or government office. The applicant also must have one or more of the following or equivalent attributes:

  • Demonstrated proficiency in legal research, case analysis and writing;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Experience on the editorial board of a law review or on a moot court team;
  • Publication of a noteworthy article in a law school or other scholarly publication; or
  • Special high-level honors for academic excellence in law school, such as election to the Order of the Coif.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  This position requires the ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time.  This is a professional office working environment requiring telephone usage and the ability to process written documents.  Applicant must possess the ability to travel throughout the state, including overnight stays as required.

Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest, resume, professional writing sample, a transcript of law school grades and 2 references to:

Justice Bertina E. Lampkin
First District, Appellate Court
Attn: Noreen Beirne
160 North LaSalle Street, Suite N1509
Chicago, IL 60601

This position will remain open until filled.  However, those individuals submitting materials by April 19, 2019 will be given first consideration.

(Please no telephone calls or email)