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Article VI - Appeals in Criminal Cases, Post-Conviction Cases, & Juvenile Court Proceedings

Rule Rule Title
Rule 601 Supersedure of Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963
Rule 602 Method of Review
Rule 603 Court To Which Appeal is Taken
Rule 604 Appeals from Certain Judgments and Orders
Amended March 8, 2016, effective immediately
Rule 605 Advice to Defendant
Rule 606 Perfection of Appeal
Amended December 11, 2014, effective immediately
Rule 607 Appeals by Poor Persons
Rule 608 The Record on Appeal
Amended December 11, 2014, effective immediately
Rule 609 Stays
Rule 610 Motions
Corrected December 22, 2014, nunc pro tunc December 11, 2014
Rule 611 Oral Argument
Rule 612 Procedural Matters Which Are Governed by Civil Appeals Rules
Amended December 3, 2015, effective July 1, 2016
Rule 613 Mandate of Reviewing Court
Rule 614 Notifying Prisoner of Affirmance by Appellate Court
Rule 615 The Cause on Appeal
Rules 616-650 Reserved
Rule 651 Appeals in Post-Conviction Proceedings
Rules 652-659 Reserved
Rule 660 Appeals in Cases Arising Under the Juvenile Court Act
Rule 660A Expedited Appeals in Delinquent Minor Cases
Rule 661 Appeals as Poor Persons by Minors Found To Be Delinquent
Rule 662 Adjudication of Wardship and Revocation of Probation or Conditional Discharge
Rule 663 Adoption--Appointment of a Guardian With Power to Consent
Rules 664-700 Reserved