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Supreme Court Committees/Commissions

Standing committees of the court and chairpersons

Appellate Court Administrative Committee... studies and recommends methods by which the appellate court might improve the processing of appeals. Honorable Donald C. Hudson, Chair; Justice Mary Jane Theis, liaison officer.

Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission... oversees the attorney registration and disciplinary process. James R. Mendillo, Chair; Chief Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier, liaison officer.

Board of Admissions to the Bar... oversees the process of admitting law school graduates to the practice of law. Justice Anne M. Burke, liaison officer.

Committee on Jury Instructions in Civil Cases... studies and recommends new pattern jury instructions for civil cases or modifications to existing instructions.  Adrian E. Harless, Chair; John P. Scanlon, Vice-Chair; Nancy S. Marder, Esq., Chicago-Kent, Reporter; Justice Mary Jane Theis, liaison officer.

Committee on Jury Instructions in Criminal Cases... studies and recommends new pattern jury instructions for criminal cases or modifications to existing instructions. Hon. Joseph M. Leberman, First Judicial Circuit, Chair; John F. Erbes, Esq., SIU School of Law, Professor-Reporter; Chief Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier, liaison officer.

Committee on Character and Fitness... evaluates the moral character and general fitness of applicants to practice law. Jennifer E. Bae, Chair, Eileen L. Furey, Vice-Chair (First Judicial District); Bradley N. Pollock, Chair, Robert L. Smith, Vice-Chair (Second Judicial District); Jodi K. Obrecht Fisk, Chair, Dennis J. Baron, Vice-Chair (Third Judicial District); Frederick H. Underhill, Jr., Chair, Homer A. Yow, Vice-Chair (Fourth Judicial District); Lisa M. Porter, Chair, David L. Piercy, Vice-Chair (Fifth Judicial District); Justice Robert R. Thomas, liaison officer.

Committee on Professional Responsibility... advises and makes recommendations on matters relating to legal ethics and professional responsibility. Michael A. Scodro, Chair; Raylene DeWitte Grischow, Vice-Chair; Professor Vivien C. Gross, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Professor-Reporter; Justice Anne M. Burke, liaison officer.

Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice... promotes, facilitates, and enhances equal access to justice with an emphasis on access to the Illinois civil courts and administrative agencies for all people, particularly the poor and vulnerable. Hon. Mary K. Rochford, First District Appellate Court, Chair.

Judicial Mentor Committee... assists new trial judges in the transition from attorney to judge.

Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee... implements and administers the court's program for judicial performance evaluation to promote judicial excellence and competence. Hon. Paula A. Gomora, Twelfth Judicial Circuit, Chair; Justice Mary Jane Theis, liaison officer.

Legislative Committee of the Supreme Court of Illinois... provides review of legislation, recommends a response to the legislative branch, and prepares legislative reports. Hon. S. Gene Schwarm, Circuit Judge, Fourth Judicial Circuit, Chair.
     Principles, Mission, and Charge - May 2012

Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board... James A. Rapp, Chair; Chief Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier, liaison officer.

Special Supreme Court Advisory Committee for Justice and Mental Health Planning... Hon. Kathryn E. Zenoff, Second District Appellate Court, Chair.

Special Supreme Court Committee on Child Custody Issues... formulates methods to expedite review of child custody cases. Judge Robert J. Anderson and Judge Moshe Jacobius, Co-Chairs; Justice Rita B. Garman, liaison officer.

Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism... Martin Sinclair, Sperling & Slater, P.C., Chair; Justice Robert R. Thomas, liaison officer.

Supreme Court Committee on Equality... promotes equality and fairness in all aspects of the administration of justice. Hon. Joseph G. McGraw, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit, Chair.

Supreme Court Committee on Illinois Evidence... monitors, reviews and studies Illinois Supreme Court cases that impact evidence law generally and the Illinois Rules of Evidence specifically. Hon. Warren D. Wolfson, Chair; Professor Marc D. Ginsberg, John Marshall Law School, Professor-Reporter; Justice Mary Jane Theis, liaison officer.

Supreme Court e-Business Policy Advisory Board... provides recommendations, advice, and guidance to the Supreme Court and Administrative Office regarding implementation of e-Business applications and data exchanges in the Illinois circuit courts. Hon. David Hylla, Chair.

Supreme Court e-Business Technical Committee... develops detailed standards, data mappings, and documentation which normalize data fields between case management systems, applications, and partners to establish technical requirements of approved data exchanges. Hon. Val Gunnarsson, Chair.

Supreme Court Probation Policy Advisory Board... advises the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts on policy matters and programming in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of Illinois' probation and court services departments; provides a formal venue for communication, review, analysis and exchange of information; and identifies opportunities, resources and strategies to advance probation's mission.

Supreme Court Rules Committee... studies and recommends new supreme court rules or modifications to existing rules. Hon. John C. Anderson, Twelfth Judicial Circuit, Chair; Antonio M. Romanucci, Vice-Chair; Professor Keith H. Beyler, SIU School of Law, Reporter; Justice Thomas L. Kilbride, liaison officer.   See a description of the rulemaking process.