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Research Guides

The Illinois Supreme Court Library provides several topical research guides to aid users with their research. These guides are not exhaustive lists of all the resources available, rather they are a starting point. Please note that the Illinois Supreme Court Library does not hold all of the items listed in these guides. Instead, they list resources to look for in law libraries across the state.

All documents listed below are in pdf graphic pdf format.


Subject Guides


Research Guides for Civil Appeals


How to Research an Illinois Legislative History

Legislative history refers to the documents that are created during the process of a bill becoming a law. In Illinois, these documents are produced by the Illinois General Assembly. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for locating these documents.


Legal Periodicals

A listing of the law reviews and other periodicals available at the Illinois Supreme Court Library.  


Index to Illinois Reports

A chronological index to information contained in the Illinois Supreme Court Reporters, excluding opinions.


Further Resources

See these links for resources created by other organizations:


For further assistance, submit a question to the Illinois Supreme Court Library.