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Welcome to the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts' (AOIC) language accessible information page. If you do not speak English well, you may have the right to a court interpreter for your case. If you need an interpreter, you can tell your attorney, advocate, court staff or the judge. You can also fill out an Interpreter Request form on the standardized forms page and file it with the Circuit Clerk. There may be other court forms in your language. Click on the "Approved Forms" box below. The Citizen Self-Help section may also help you before you go to court.


Supreme Court Language Access Policy
& Code of Interpreter Ethics

The Language Access Policy and Code of Interpreter Ethics defines the scope of interpreter services and establishes the ethical responsibilities of court interpreters. If you believe an interpreter violated the Code of Interpreter Ethics, you can fill out a complaint form.

Illinois Supreme Court Language Access Policy
Illinois Supreme Court Code of Interpreter Ethics



Approved Forms
For Statewide Use

To find court forms in your language click here:



Approved Forms



Supreme Court Disability Access Policy
& Related Forms

The Supreme Court Disability Access Policy provides guidance to Illinois courts about language access services for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. If you need help because you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can fill out a request form. If you have a complaint about being denied help, you can fill out a grievance form

ADA icon Supreme Court Policy on Access for Persons with Disabilities (Supreme Court only)
Request for Accommodation Form
Disabilities Grievance Form


These links may help you before you go to court.

Guide for Appeals to the Illinois Appellate Court


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